Headspace & My Experience With It

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure” -Peter Marshall

I have heard a lot about the app Headspace from other bloggers and Youtubers.  Previously, I had done a couple very guided meditations in groups before finals at school and I remember feeling it was silly at the time.  Most likely I felt it was silly because I am a high strung person and truly relaxing is difficult for me.  My head has felt really clouded lately and I wanted to find something to hopefully help clear my thoughts.  If you want to check out Headspace before reading my review, click here.

Personally, I find myself most relaxed on a boat in the middle of a lake with the weather at 40 degrees Celsius.  But, I am learning to do things with an open mind so here I am trying Headspace.  This is my honest opinion of the widely talked about app and how I felt after using it everyday for one week.  

I wanted to start out with stating the application is laid out really well in my opinion.  It takes the intimidating idea of meditating and adds a fun twist to it with the orange and white colouring.  Also, they have a number count of how many people are meditating in real time to encourage you to do it. I chose to do the free basics package to test the waters with guided meditation.  I would switch between the 3 minute and 5 minute guided meditations.  I would start my morning off with the meditation.   Throughout the day the app posts notifications with inspiration quotes, which is refreshing to see since you all know my love for quotes!

To keep track of how I felt after each mindful meditation session I wrote notes in my day planner.  Day 1 was started with a 5 minute meditation and was the hardest for me to participate in.  It was a struggle to keep my mind focused on listening to my surroundings and the instructions given from Headspace.  I felt as though I should be rushing out of bed, not laying in bed.  

Day 2 started with an open mind and I set my alarm 10 minutes earlier so I could take the stress about having enough time from the previous day out of my mind.  I only did the 3 minute session this day and I really noticed the difference with how I felt immediately after, but also for the rest of the day.  I proceeded with my day in a more relaxed and calmer manner.  The biggest difference I noticed was that my tasks were done for the day with more clear and concise thoughts at work.  

On day 3 I did the 3 minute session again and carried on through the rest of the week with the same time length after setting my morning alarm to be 10 minutes earlier.  I truly did notice a difference with my thought processing most days, but it was not enough to make me fall in love with guided meditations.  The biggest difference I noticed was on the 7th day when I forgot to use Headspace first thing in the morning, and I pulled over while driving to take a few minutes to meditate in my car.  Out of all 7 days, I had the best results throughout the day after meditating in my car on the side of the road.  


Overall, the 7 days I used Headspace I did see results, but I did not find the results to be shocking enough the make me want to do it everyday.  I didn’t feel enticed enough or excited enough to do it everyday.  However, within the week after my “experiment,” I have found myself doing it every other day when I have a few minutes to spare after getting ready in the morning.  Most likely I will continue to use Headspace whenever I feel like I want to.  Adding it into my morning schedule and making it a task for the day just did not give me the same satisfaction as doing it when I wanted to.  This app is definitely worth anyone trying because it does walk you through a guided meditation step-by-step.  It is simple and you don’t feel lost with what to do.  You can do it anywhere and anytime and the result is gaining some Headspace.