My Top 5 Affordable Sensitive Skin Care Products

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.  You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” -Lucille Ball

Sensitive skin is an understatement for a lot of women!  I wanted to share my basic sensitive skin care that I use morning and night that is simple, of quality, but affordable!  

When I was in my preteens and starting to hit puberty I started to use skin care and wear cosmetics.  Like most other females my age, I only had an interest for the mainstream products I saw on television such as Clean & Clear and Neutrogena.  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure the products from these brands work great for a lot of people, but this is around the time I learned I have sensitive skin.  

I started being more aware of what products irritated my skin, and I began looking into the ingredients in them to help me narrow down what to avoid personally.  There is one incident in particular that stands out for me where I learned that Benzoyl Peroxide does not mesh well with my skin.  The skin on my face had such a harsh reaction that it was red, burned, and covered in an obnoxious rash.  After that I vowed to test products before I put them on my face like my mother had warned me to many times previously.

I find that my sensitive, dry skin will get a dull look to it if I am not taking care of it properly.  You could consider me a skin care minimalist, but I always keep my eyes open for products without dyes, sulfates, and fragrance.  Below is the back bone of my morning and night skin care routine!


1. La Roche Posay Micellar Water 

Out of all the micellar water products on the market, I have found this one to be the only one to not irritate my skin in the slightest.  I use this after I shower to make sure all my makeup from the day is off before I get ready for the night, or just to freshen up my skin when I first wake up if I am staying around the house for a bit.  I dab about 4 drops onto a round cotton pad and gently rub it all over my face to pick up anything on my skin’s surface.  


2. Equate Eye Makeup Remover (Oil Free) 

There are a few “no name” type products that are just as comparable to pricier products, and this girl loves a good deal.  The equate eye makeup remover takes off my dreaded raccoon eyes after a shower, or even a excessive eye liner wing with one swoop.  Make sure to shake it before you use it every time!  I use a round cotton pad for this product too, but I wet it slightly with tap water before applying the makeup remover to the pad.  I find this allows the cotton pad to slide over my skin smoother and reduces the redness around my eyes.

This works GREAT for waterproof eye makeup too!

3. Equate Cleanser for Blemish Prone Skin (Fragrance Free) 

Another Equate product coming at you!  This cleanser is my go to after I take my makeup off and it makes my skin feel fresh and clean.  However, I do find it to be a tad drying and it definitely won’t take your makeup off on its own.  Make sure to apply your moisturizer relatively soon after using this item.  I used 1 pump of this in the morning to cleanse my skin, and I use 2 pumps in the evening.  I massage the cleanser into my hands and then apply it to my face in an upward circular motion, or I apply it to my Foreo Luna.  Then I rinse with cleanser off with luke warm water and give my face a splash of cold water before I pat it dry with a towel.   

4.Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula 

I am always hesitant to try new products on my skin, but I had been wanting to see what all the rave was about for balm oil cleansers.  Palmer’s cleansing balm has wholesome ingredients and gets my stubborn eye makeup off with minimal effort.  I work this product around my face while I am waiting for the shower to heat up and rinse it off once I am in the shower.  I work about a nickel sized amount of the coconut oil into my hands before applying it onto my face.  Working in circular motions up my face for about 20 seconds until I see most of my makeup has emulsified and is ready to rinse off.  Obviously water and oil are not the best mix, so I take a cloth that is damp with warm water to wipe it off my skin.  I follow this balm oil with the Equate cleanser.

5. Infinite Aloe Skin Care Fragrance Free Moisturizer

I have found a lot of good moisturizers over the years but Infinite Aloe is the holy grail for keeping my skin glowy and hydrated.  I would consider this my holy grail product.  This product tones the redness down in my skin, prevents flaking entirely, and last all day!  I even noticed a change in the texture and smoothness in my skin after only a couple days of use.  I personally prefer the fragrance free option, but I am sure they all work in a very similar way.  This is my night and day moisturizer.  I find my makeup sits really well over this moisturizer and acts almost like a primer.

Please leave a reply if you have any skin care suggestions for me to try!